God Will Win The Victory But Where Will You Be? Judges 5, February 2, 2014

Scripture – “When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves– praise the LORD!” Judges 5:2

Observation – The battle was won just God promised it would. Instead of Barak being given the honor, a woman kills the opposing general Sisera with a tent-peg of all things.  After the battle, Deborah and Barak sing a victory song – sort of a duet,  It seems Deborah goes first and gives a slap at Barak and others in Israel who did not come to their aid in the battle.  Barak refused to go without Deborah.  Other regions “pondered their hearts” meaning they spent their time trying to figure out whether they ought to go or not.  Some stayed by their ships and others remained in the safety of their coves.  But God gave the victory.  Look at the first line of the song – “When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves– praise the LORD!”  Poor Barak, he wouldn’t go with out a woman going with him.  In his culture that was basically giving up his man card!  And he did not go willingly but reluctantly.  So he lost the honor he could have had as a great general.  How about you.  When God calls for you to do something for Him, where will you be?  Reluctant because you do not think you can do it although God gives you the assurance He will make it happen?  Will you waste time “pondering your heart” rather than trusting your God for what He says?  Or will you seek the safe place instead of “offering yourselves?”  God will win the victory but where will you be?

Application – When God calls me to do a task, no matter how small or great, my only answer should be “Yes, Lord!”

Prayer – Forgive me Lord where I have argued with You about a task or a decision You have made.  I give You all of me today.  Amen.

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